Business Law

business-law-attorney-green-bay-jonathan-olsonBusiness law is a broad category encompassing a vast number of areas. It all starts with business formation. Important decisions must be made keeping in mind the need to:

  • Protect your personal assets from business creditors.
  • Minimize tax liabilities.
  • Manage the business in the most efficient way.
  • Plan for transfer of the business interest when the time comes.

Business contracts

Businesses function on contracts. If you purchase property for your business location you will need a real estate contract. If you lease your premises, you will need a lease agreement. You may also need to lease equipment which requires a contract. You need employment and vendor contracts. Every time you place an order for any goods or services, you do it by way of a contract. Business attorneys draft contracts you need to run your business and review contracts others may ask you to sign.

Business litigation

No matter how carefully contracts are drafted, there almost always comes a time in the course of a business that a dispute arises. Although we work zealously to resolve business disputes as efficiently as possible, there are times when litigation is unavoidable. Whether it is in your best interest to settle the dispute or to go to trial, we will work diligently for a resolution to meet your needs.

At Jonathan Olson & Associates, we are committed to acting at all times in the best interest of your business. We work to solve issue in the most economic and efficient way so that the daily functioning of your business is not interrupted. Call us for a free consultation. We will come to you if you prefer and will make evening and weekend appointments for your convenience.