Consumer Protection Law

consumer-protection-attorney-green-bay-jonathan-olsonIf you have been tricked by false advertising or been met with a bait-and-switch tactic, you are one of millions of people every year who are victims of unscrupulous business practices. Just a few examples of consumer fraud include:

  • False advertising about the quality and other features of consumer products.
  • Advertised price of a consumer good being for a different product than the one in the advertisement.
  • Phantom debt collectors who call and make you think you have an outstanding debt that must be paid or you will suffer serious consequences when in fact the debt is either nonexistent or already paid.
  • Tech support scam when a caller claims to be calling from Microsoft and tells you that, for free, they will scan your computer for a virus, then sell you virus protection for a small fee. You give your credit card information only later to discover it was not a caller from Microsoft and your credit card has been maxed out.
  • Callers try to sell you credit card protection for $200 to $300 a year, telling you that you run the risk of exorbitant credit card bills if your card is stolen. Nearly 3.3 million people have bought into this scam. The truth is that if you report your card missing, the maximum for which your bank can hold you legally liable is $50.

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